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Goodbye spreadsheets, hello DealCheck! Our app rocks at crunching the numbers on any real estate deal:

Deal Analysis

Analyze single and multi family rentals, flips and rehab projects on any mobile device.

Investment Returns

Instantly get each property’s cap rate, cash on cash, ROI, IRR, GRM and more.

Holding Projections

View holding projections for up to 35 years and see how your properties will perform.

Reverse Valuation

Use the max offer calculator to find your ideal asking price based on custom criteria.
Calculate Cash Flow, Net Operating Income, Capitalization Rate, Cash on Cash Return and More

Itemized Worksheets

Quickly itemize closing costs, repair costs, holding costs and operating expenses.

Purchase Criteria

Customize your purchase criteria and find deals that meet your investment goals.

Photos & Notes

Add photos and notes right from the app to help you make purchasing decisions.

Real Estate Dictionary

Learn real estate investing with the built-in dictionary, complete with detailed formulas.
Create Professional Investment Property Reports with DealCheck Mobile App

Create Professional PDF Reports

Create detailed investment property reports and email them to your partners, lenders or clients.
Customize report contents and brand them with your name, logo and contact information.

Access Your Data Anywhere

With DealCheck, you are not tied to your computer to do due diligence on potential real estate deals.
You can evaluate and compare investment properties anywhere – at the office, in the field, on the road and at home.
Our app runs great on iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet and seamlessly syncs your data across all devices.
DealCheck - #1 Mobile App for Real Estate Investors and Agents

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One of the best real estate investing apps I’ve seen!

This is the only real estate calculator you’ll ever need!

The app has a wonderful clean look. It’s very user friendly and generates great PDF reports. Perfect for doing a quick analysis!

The analysis is very thorough and it even has a dictionary so I know what formulas were used to calculate all the numbers.

This app is way better than any other calculator out there. I would know, since I’ve spent dozens of hours surfing the web and the app store!

I was having a hard time finding a spreadsheet that I liked for analyzing properties, but this is even better. It now takes me 30 seconds to see a property’s cash flow, cap rate, COC and more.

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